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Peachtree Corners—one of the US’ first smart cities powered by real-world connected infrastructure—and Audi of America Inc. are collaborating to advance cellular vehicle-to-everything (C-V2X) practical deployment pathways as part of the city’s Curiosity Lab ecosystem.

Both Audi and Peachtree Corners see this as an opportune time to further deployment of C-V2X applications that allow vehicles to communicate with city-owned streets, traffic signals, crosswalk signals and other infrastructure, as well as with vulnerable road users (VRUs).

With Audi having recently received a waiver from the Federal Communications Commission to deploy this advanced technology, Audi and Peachtree Corners intend to fine-tune strategies to expand connectivity on public roadways for increased roadway safety, increased traffic efficiency and more.

Audi has been working with various private and public partners since 2020 to improve C-V2X technologies and protect vulnerable road users.

The automaker has worked on initial deployments with public authorities to address the safety of construction workers when vehicles approach a construction zone. In addition, Audi has collaborated with various companies to develop C-V2X technologies to connect cars with school buses to improve the safety of children and to alert drivers of active school zones.

One of these companies is Spoke, a startup aiming to transform roadway safety and rider connectivity by delivering the first connected IoT ecosystem for VRUs. (Earlier post.) Its solutions equip bicycles and other VRUs with their VRU2X technology, and the company is continuing to expand its C-V2X solutions with Curiosity Lab.

The announcement comes after the successful first deployment of Spoke’s VRU2X technology in a US Pro Cycling Criterium event this past month, the Curiosity Lab Criterium, featuring Audi vehicles.


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