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Rheinmetall develops new plug-and-play solution for heat pumps; 400V and 800V applications

Rheinmetall now offers a new heat pump as a plug-and-play solution. This compact component comes completely preassembled and filled. Using intelligent thermal management, the new coolant system can increase the range of vehicles and lifespan of materials while simultaneously enhancing passenger comfort.

It was developed specifically to enable precision climate control in the passenger compartment as well as intelligent conditioning of batteries in electric vehicles and drive components.


Due to the increasingly demanding requirements imposed on the thermal management of modern e-vehicles, the number of individual components and connections for the cooling and coolant circuit is growing quickly.

A complete system featuring a compact design, Rheinmetall’s new coolant system saves precious installation space. Designed for both 400- and 800-volt applications, it delivers up to 8 kW of nominal cooling output and up to 11 kW of heating for battery-powered and hybrid systems. It is available as a plug-and-play solution, thus facilitating electrification of motors in commercial vehicles, construction equipment and boats—especially since, as a complete system, it can be integrated into new and existing vehicle platforms.

The module is also suitable for customer-specific individual applications.

An active element of the vehicle’s thermal management system, the compact new heat pump assures precision conditioning of the battery and electric motor, while also taking charges of efficient climate control in the passenger compartment.

Cooling or heating is done via a connected coolant circuit with water and glycol.


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