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Bosch Engineering and X Shore developing new electric drive system for the X Shore 1

Bosch Engineering, a wholly owned subsidiary of Robert Bosch GmbH, and electric boat developer X Shore are collaborating to improve the performance and efficiency of the electric drive system of the X Shore 1.


Since launch, the X Shore 1 has been fitted with Bosch’s largest motor on the market for leisure boat applications, as well as the Bosch inverter and the gearbox, developed and manufactured by Bosch Rexroth. These components offer power, silence, reliability and compactness, aligned with X Shore’s vision of delivering high performance electric boats to the market.


The motor generator SMG220 OHW delivers up to 140 kW (maximum) and 350 N·m (maximum). The ROTATRAC eGFZ9200 is a 2-speed spur gear drive. The INVCON 3.3 inverter provides customized control for Bosch electric motors.

The X Shore 1 is equipped with a 63 kWh battery pack; range is 50 NM at lower speeds.

X Shore’s deeper collaboration with Bosch Engineering marks the beginning of Bosch's electrification journey into the leisure boat segment—of which X Shore, as a sustainability pioneer in the boating industry—has been carefully selected as part of the pilot.

The collaboration intends to enhance and develop the X Shore 1’s electric drive system—improving on power thanks to its lightweight design, increasing efficiency through design and software set-up, allowing for easy integration into existing systems through the use of space-saving design, and saving time and costs due to the elimination of maintenance efforts.



My first emotion on seeing this is that it looks like something from a by-gone age right now on realease.

That is in reference to the Candela offerings:

Difficult to get bigger and heavier with this sort of design, but once skimming above the water it uses a fraction of the energy of a regular boat, creates almost no wash, and is way more comfortable.

This reminds me of the perfection of stage coaches, which happened after trains had already been introduced.

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