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Dovetail Electric Aviation announced that Hyundai Motor Group’s HTWO will supply a hydrogen fuel cell system for electric aviation powertrain trials. HTWO is the fuel cell system-based hydrogen business brand of Hyundai Motor Group.


Rex, Australia’s largest independent regional and domestic airline, took a 20% stake in Dovetail in April, and has been actively working with Dovetail to advance the conversion of turbine-powered aircraft to zero-emission electric propulsion.

Dovetail will use HTWO’s fuel cell system for initial testing in Australia, to be integrated with Dovetail’s Iron Bird that was successfully tested last February, and that integrates a +250kW aviation electric motor with all the required power electronics and controls.

Dovetail will run the HTWO fuel cell system as a prior step to full scale trials, and a future first flight as early as next year.

This opportunity will allow Dovetail Electric Aviation to continue to develop and refine its electric propulsion system, enhancing it with the power of hydrogen and extending its applicability and value for future operators.


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