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BMW M GmbH confirms development of a new BMW M5 wagon with partially electrified drive system

BMW M GmbH has confirmed that with the new edition of the BMW M5, it will be adding a Touring (wagon) variant to its model range. Just like the future BMW M5 Sedan, the Touring variant will also feature a completely newly developed, partially electrified drive system.


We are now also installing a hybrid drive system with typical M performance in other high-performance cars.

—Dirk Häcker, Head of Development at BMW M GmbH

Evolutionary progress, development know-how from racing and pioneering innovations in the areas of drive, suspension, aerodynamics and lightweight construction have shaped the history of the BMW M5. Engines with six, eight and ten cylinders, M TwinPower Turbo technology and high-revving characteristics, the compound brake system with M Carbon ceramic brakes and M xDrive four-wheel drive are just some of the technological milestones with which this model has repeatedly redefined top performance in a sedan that is suitable for everyday use.

The seventh generation of the BMW M5 takes up on this.

Testing of the first prototypes of the new BMW M5 Touring is to commence in the next few days in urban traffic as well as on country roads and motorways around Munich and at the BMW M GmbH headquarters in Garching. The integrated application of all drive and suspension systems will then also be carried out for the new BMW M5 Touring on the Nürburgring's Nordschleife, among other places, with the aim of ensuring the ideal balance of sporting performance on the racetrack and superior ride comfort in everyday driving and over long distances.


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