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Honda Aircraft Company introdues first Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) program for HondaJet

Honda Aircraft Company announced its first Certified Pre-Owned program (CPO), providing an exclusive and alternative pathway to owning a HondaJet with a guarantee of quality and support.

Honda Aircraft Company Certified Pre-Owned

Being the sole CPO choice in its class, each CPO HondaJet undergoes selection, inspection and expert maintenance processes to ensure it meets Honda’s high standards for quality, safety and performance before receiving the CPO designation. The program also offers end-to-end services, from ease of entry-into-service to post-sales support, backed by Honda Aircraft Company and its authorized sales network.

Every CPO HondaJet must pass a meticulous 208-point standard inspection conducted by Honda-trained technicians across the authorized service network. Additionally, all aircraft qualified for the CPO program will be upgraded to the highest performance level available for each model, based on applicable service bulletins.

As part of the program, CPO buyers will also receive a FlightSafety Initial Pilot Training session and a 6-month or 100-hour credit (whichever occurs first) provided by Honda Aircraft to be applied toward the cost associated with the Airframe Flight Ready Performance program.

The program facilitates direct collaborations with the company’s team of factory-employed sales professionals who are the product experts on the HondaJet and the light jet market.

As the HondaJet global fleet exceeds 185,000 flight hours and has grown to more than 230 aircraft worldwide, Honda Aircraft remains committed to improving customer satisfaction continuously. The new CPO program is now available to customers across the Americas, Europe, and Asia through the company’s authorized sales network. Customers can access both the certified and non-certified pre-owned HondaJet inventory on the company’s official website.


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