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PEUGEOT Cycles introducing new range of connected electric bikes designed and manufactured by startup Beweel

At the end of 2023 and early 2024, PEUGEOT Cycles will expand its range of electric bikes with several new innovative models benefiting from the best connected technologies. These, through a new dedicated smartphone application, offer users at launch, among other things, adaptive electrical assistance, an anti-theft system, an alarm, bike geolocation, real-time navigation, destination weather forecasts, and route statistics.

PEUGEOT Cycles will launch this range of connected electric bikes in three models:

  • City bike (Digital e-Bike).

    Peugeot Digital e-bike Concept
  • Longtail cargo bike (Digital e-Longtail), a bike with an elongated rear that can comfortably accommodate up to two children or a load; particularly suitable for family use.

    Peugeot Digital e-Longtail
  • Front-load cargo bike (Digital e-Front Load), a bike with an extended front wheelbase to accommodate a body to carry up to three children or heavy loads, also suitable for family or professional use.

  • CP_PEUGEOT_CYCLES_Infopresse_01072023

The new range of cargo bikes strengthens PEUGEOT Cycles’ electric mobility offer to meet the growing needs of more and more customers:

  • Families in urban areas where the infrastructure reserved for bicycles is developing (bicycle paths, dedicated parking...)

  • Companies of all sizes, from the craftsperson making a two-carrier cargo bike a new work tool, to logistics companies looking for a complementary and competitive offer of light vehicles adapted to last-mile delivery.

The new connected electric bikes, addressing B2C and B2B targets, will be designed and manufactured by the start-up Beweel. The entire Peugeot Cycles range thus expanded will be available from the main dealer networks of Cycleurope Industries.

Beweel, for its part, will market the 3 new models of connected bicycles through its own distribution channels.

PEUGEOT Cycles, with a history rich in innovations since 1885, is now an important player in the market through its exclusive licensee Cycleurope Industries, which designs, manufactures and distributes the entire existing offer around a wide range, including electric bikes (VAE), covering the worlds of Junior, Trekking, City and Mountain bikes.

In 2022, the European market for electric bikes reached the record figure of 5.5 million units sold, an annual growth of 8.6%. Thus, one in 4 bikes sold in Europe was electric last year.



Cargo bikes are popular where I live, both for folk with children etc and for deliveries.

I find them no road hazard, as they are easy to be spot, unlike the scooters which appear from nowhere!

This is all making things more and more like my kind of town!

It would be good to see height limits on buildings, as Paris has, which avoids the energy inefficient and congestion causing sky-scraperisation of towns!

Wood is perfectly adequate to constuct buildings up to 8 stories or so, which takes another huge chunk out of carbon emissions.

There is a ghastly program on tv here, where an architect travels Europe eulogising on whatever lump of brutalist concrete he comes across, on the grounds that that is 'modern'

I do hope not.


I forgot to add, that even without a cargo bike it is possible to simply strap your dachsund into your backpack, and cycle off, as one chap does around here....:-0

May be a useful tip for someone!


The connectivity hype seems to miss promoting features that would make the bike truly advantageous: resistance to the elements, a powerful 750W minimum hub motor, easy power level control while riding, and CE and UL certified batteries and charging equipment. Destination weather reports seem silly - one is probably not riding into another time zone. I love my electric bike and often enjoy a sixteen mile round trip ride in hilly terrain for groceries.

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