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Michelin to equip 40 French postal delivery vehicles with Uptis airless puncture-proof tires

By 2024, nearly 40 La Poste vans fitted with the Michelin Uptis airless tire (earlier post) will deliver letters and parcels in the Lesquin, Valenciennes and Douai sectors, in the Hauts-de-France region (North of France). Three initial vehicles will be put into circulation as of June 27, within the framework of a two-year partnership between La Poste and Michelin, a first in France and Europe—following partnerships already formed in Asia.


The Uptis prototype is a puncture-proof wheel/tire assembly with no compressed air, intended for cars and light trucks. The compressed air has been replaced by a structure capable of supporting the vehicle. This ensures the strength of the assembly and guarantees driving comfort and safety. This is an off-the-peg solution that allows users to drive with peace of mind, without worrying about road hazards.

With the Michelin Uptis tire, which eliminates the problems linked to tire pressure and punctures, La Poste can reduce downtime and maintenance operations on its fleet. It can therefore ensure better continuity of its activities and services. On an environmental level, the elimination of puncture and underinflation problems will allow for reducing the number and frequency of tire replacements, thus limiting any waste.

Michelin’s main target market for the Uptis prototype is light truck fleets intended for professional use, and particularly deliveries.

Michelin Uptis (Unique Puncture-proof Tire System), is an airless tire developed in association with Maxion Wheels, the supplier of a specific rim for the Uptis tire. Any airless solution must still be approved for use on the open road. While waiting for this homologation, Michelin has obtained a waiver from the CNRV (Centre National de Réception des Véhicules [French National Vehicle Reception Center]) to drive on the only airless tire currently in circulation on open roads, under real traffic conditions.

The Uptis tire is a major innovation in the tire sector and is a key step in the development of a fully sustainable tire by 2050. It is the result of some fifty patents in terms of tire structure and high-tech materials.

The Uptis tire is currently the only airless tire to travel on open roads, under real conditions, on three continents, having covered almost 3 million kilometers.



This has been hovering in the wings for years.
I am not sure what the hassles were.
Ride comfort?


Try this for a start


Any idea of longevity in km ?


Thanks Jim!
It looks as though I will be getting plain old pneumatics for a couple of tire replacements this autumn! ;-)

zorg: check out Jim's link. Longevity is one of the issues, mainly due to heat build up as the tire deforms.

Bernard Harper

The Michelin Tweel worked well but was very noisy at speed. That is why it why only had commercial use on tank-steer off roaders. The new design is clearly more sophisticated. But don't expect to see it on a limo any time soon.


Interesting concept but one does wonder about mud or snow unbalancing the wheel at speed. Also no mention of what is required to replace a tire - or is the entire wheel replaced? Can existing equipment be used if the tire is repairable?

Probably attractive to urban delivery vehicle fleets (UPS, DHL, etc.) which operate at low speeds and for which a puncture means delays and loss of income

Does anyone remember Michelin's "metric" TRX tires of the 1980s? That was an attempt to break away from inch size passenger car wheels (don't belive it when they say metric has taken over everywhere). I actually had a set of these


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