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HF Sinclair selects Topsoe’s HydroFlex technology to produce renewable diesel at three facilities in US

HF Sinclair selected Topsoe as a technology provider for the production of renewable fuels at three facilities: Sinclair, Wyoming; Cheyenne, Wyoming; and Artesia, New Mexico. The renewable units in Cheyenne (6,000 BPD) and Sinclair (10,000 BPD) are from the conversion of crude oil refinery assets whereas the Artesia (9,000 BPD) renewable unit is a grassroots renewable facility.

All three facilities have now successfully been put into operation and deliver renewable diesel into the United States transportation market.


Asset map showing the three HF Sinclair renewable diesel refineries.

These facilities utilize Topsoe’s HydroFlex technology for the conversion of waste and bio-feedstock into renewable diesel.

With HydroFlex, customers can convert low-value feedstocks into drop-in renewable jet and diesel that meets all of the globally accepted specifications for these fuels. The HydroFlex process layout offers lower capital expenditure (CAPEX), but also a lower energy consumption during operation, resulting in a lower Carbon Index (CI).

Topsoe’s HydroFlex can be deployed in both grassroots units and revamps for co-processing or stand-alone applications.

HF Sinclair Corporation (HF Sinclair) is a diversified energy company that manufactures and sells products such as gasoline, diesel fuel, jet fuel, renewable diesel, specialty lubricant products, specialty chemicals, and specialty and modified asphalt, among others. Through its subsidiaries, it operates seven complex refineries with a total processing capacity of 678,000 barrels per day of crude oil.

HF Sinclair’s growing renewables business operates three production facilities that are expected to produce approximately 380 million gallons of renewables annually.


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