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Toyota Canada and Edmonton International Airport (YEG) partner to bring 100 Mirai fuel cell electric vehicles to Alberta

Edmonton International Airport (YEG) and Toyota Canada are partnering to bring 100 Mirai fuel cell vehicles to Alberta. This initiative will reduce carbon emissions and contribute to YEG’s goal of being net-zero by 2040. This will be the first fleet of hydrogen-powered zero-emission vehicles in Alberta.

These vehicles will be used by YEG employees and the airport will seek additional partnerships to encourage the adoption of these emissions-free vehicles in the future by other users at the airport.

These vehicles and our partnership with Toyota Canada will help reduce emissions, attract investment and kick-start the Edmonton Metro Region’s 5,000 Vehicle Challenge, which aims to have 5,000 hydrogen and hydrogen dual-fuel vehicles on the road in Alberta by 2028.

—Myron Keehn, President & CEO, Edmonton International Airport (YEG)

Mass adoption of FCEVs concurrently requires a demand for vehicles and a supply of hydrogen fuel. To build this critical mass and help decarbonize fleets that call the Airport City Sustainability Campus home, Edmonton International Airport (YEG) has been coordinating efforts for various fleets and fuel suppliers to invest in this technology.

A partnership with Québec-based Letenda will bring hydrogen-fueled buses to the airport to begin use in the existing fleet that provides on-demand transit services with the Airport City Sustainability Campus. Shuttle buses are also used in parking operations to assist passengers reaching their vehicles. In future years Letenda will build a hydrogen-centerd maintenance and parts distribution center to serve western Canada, located at YEG.

As the airport continues its work to secure the most economical supply of Alberta-made clean hydrogen, it has partnered with the world’s largest hydrogen producer, Air Products, on an interim mobile hydrogen refueling station at YEG.



I really like the article highlighting the partnership between Toyota Canada and Edmonton International Airport (YEG) to bring 100 Mirai fuel cell electric vehicles to Alberta. It's an excellent initiative that addresses the need for sustainable transportation and contributes to reducing carbon emissions.

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Craft a persuasive essay arguing why the adoption of hydrogen-powered zero-emission vehicles is a crucial step towards sustainable transportation and the role it can play in reducing carbon footprints in the Edmonton Metro Region.

Imagine you are a YEG employee who will be using one of the Mirai vehicles. Write a personal reflection on how this transition to a zero-emission vehicle aligns with your commitment to environmental sustainability and the positive changes it brings to your daily commute.

Compose a research paper exploring the challenges and opportunities associated with building the infrastructure for hydrogen fueling stations in Alberta, considering factors such as cost, accessibility, and the potential impact on the adoption of fuel cell electric vehicles.

Write an opinion piece discussing the economic benefits of investing in clean hydrogen technology and how partnerships like the one between YEG and Toyota Canada can attract investment, foster innovation, and contribute to Alberta's transition to a low-carbon economy.

These prompts provide starting points to delve into various aspects of this partnership, allowing for a deeper understanding and analysis of the implications of introducing Mirai fuel cell vehicles to Alberta.

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