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New Zealand-based Fabrum and Chart Industries have formed a strategic partnership to collaborate on the manufacture and sale of Micro-Scale Liquefiers for hydrogen and other gases.

The collaboration targets the rapidly increasing demand for liquefaction systems as industries work to decarbonize and transition to new energy sources. The Micro-Scale Liquefier enables small-scale liquid hydrogen production under 5 tonnes per day, offering a new future for sustainable transport, industry, and energy self-sufficiency. The Micro-Scale Liquefiers can also be used in liquid natural gas (LNG) and other cryogenic markets.

According to the MOU, Fabrum, a leader in industrialized small to medium-scale (50 kg/day up to 5 tonne/day) liquefaction systems and composite vessels for liquid hydrogen, liquefied natural gas, and other gases, will incorporate Chart products into manufacturing its Micro-Scale Liquefiers.

Among their features, Fabrum liquid hydrogen systems do not need any liquid nitrogen pre-cooling loop thus saving hassle and sacrificial cost.

Chart, a leading provider of technology, equipment and services related to LNG, hydrogen, biogas and CO2 capture, among other applications, will add the Micro-Scale Liquefiers to its already expansive technology and equipment portfolio to market and sell through its global network.

Partnering with Chart, a world-leading technology innovator and supplier in clean energy and natural gas markets, represents an important milestone for Fabrum as we work to accelerate the uptake of our zero-emission transition technologies to enable a lower-carbon economy. We’ve already proven our hydrogen fuel solutions for small and medium-scale liquid hydrogen production, a paradigm shift from liquid hydrogen produced at large-scale plants and transported to the site of use. Chart is the ideal strategic partner to leverage Fabrum’s world-leading technology as it has a large and growing customer base and an established reputation as a technology innovator.

—Christopher Boyle, Fabrum’s Executive Chair


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