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AMADA WELD TECH, a manufacturer of equipment and systems for welding, marking, cutting, sealing, and bonding, announced a range of galvo scan heads for precision laser welding applications. >Galvo scanning heads precisely direct and control the laser beam’s movement uing galvanometer mirrors (galvos) to steer the laser beam in desired directions with high speed and accuracy.

Common usages for these scanning heads include point-to-point positioning for multi-point welding, shape welding for hermetic seams, and beam weaving to increase weld width.


  • Point-to-point positioning is frequently employed where multiple welds are needed over a small area, for example, electronic connector leads. The jump speed is nearly instantaneous compared to either traditional motion stages or robotic motion, and can dramatically decrease cycle times.

  • Contour welding: galvo scanning heads are adept at steering the laser beam in an XY plane to create a seam weld of any programmed shape. This is commonly used for electronic package welding, where a specific motion is necessary to create a hermetic seal, and for lap welding configurations where additional weld contact is required.

  • Wobble is an extension of the seam welding application, in which the scanning head “wobbles” the beam in a small area to increase the melt pool. This improves the manufacturability of parts with lower tolerances on fit-up between the parts.

The galvo scan heads all feature advanced, intuitive software dedicated to welding, and a configurable pattern to adjust for part geometry and enhance weld performance. An integrated safety shutter ensures a safe work environment for operators.

The solutions are designed to work with lasers up to 3 kilowatts (kW) and field sizes up to 100 x 100 millimeters. Integrate with a linear stage motion to weld at different workpiece heights or add a wobble to linear motion for the accommodation of tolerances in fit-up for seam welds.


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