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Dymag, a designer and manufacturer of lightweight wheels for the automotive industry, and its strategic partner, composites material specialists Hankuk Carbon, are working with Hyundai on the development of advanced new carbon hybrid wheel technology for the carmaker’s N Performance products.


A prototype of a new jointly-developed N Performance carbon hybrid wheel was unveiled on Hyundai’s stand at the recent Goodwood Festival of Speed, where the company also debuted its IONIQ 5 N hot crossover.

Bespoke designed and developed with Hyundai, full specifications of the new wheel will be revealed in the coming months. Dymag is also in advanced stages with multiple car makers, with further original equipment supply agreements set to be announced soon.

Blending a composite outer rim made from carbon fiber, with a precision-machined forged metallic centrepiece, Dymag’s proprietary carbon hybrid wheel delivers weight savings over a traditional cast aluminium wheel of between 40% and 50%. In addition to significantly reduced unsprung mass, carbon hybrid wheel technology also reduces rolling inertia and offers improved stiffness and strength.

In addition to lower unsprung mass and inertia, gyroscopic force is also reduced, improving steering feel and handling.

Strength and durability are also improved over equivalent alloy wheels or full carbon wheel. A carbon hybrid wheel enhances safety by offering the ability to bend and spring back in the event of an unusually high load or sharp impact, in contrast to one-piece aluminum wheels which can permanently deform or shatter.

Dymag offers a full range of 18-to-23-inch carbon hybrid wheels, to which it will add new 24-inch and 25-inch examples later this year. Key investment into Dymag comes from strategic partner, Hankuk Carbon, a leading manufacturer of advanced carbon materials.



These should make a great combination with in wheel motors, reducing the unsprung weight, with any extra cost of these against conventional wheels well worth it.

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