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Stellantis joins Forvia and Michelin as equal shareholder in hydrogen company Symbio

Stellantis N.V. completed its 33.3% purchase in Symbio, a leader in zero-emission hydrogen mobility. FORVIA and Michelin are equal shareholders.

Acquiring an equal stake in Symbio bolsters Stellantis’ position in hydrogen-powered vehicles by supporting the fuel cell van production in France, and it also serves as a perfect complement to the company’s growing battery electric vehicle portfolio.

The addition of Stellantis as a shareholder will also boost Symbio’s development across Europe and in the US.

Symbio offers a range of StackPacks—pre-validated and pre-integrated hydrogen systems. Symbio is aiming for a production capacity of 200,000 StackPacks per year by 2030.

Earlier this month, Symbio announced a partnership with Hype, an independent pure player in hydrogen mobility, to support the quick deployment of the world’s first hydrogen taxis fleet (Crit’Air 0), suitable for the transportation of people with limited mobility.

This agreement is part of the global partnership set by Stellantis and Hype aiming at deploying up to 1000 Crit’Air 0 taxis dedicated to transport people with reduced mobility by the end of 2024, provided they are granted the “Taxi Parisien PMR” (Parisian taxi for people with disabilities) business license that is currently being instructed by the French Government according to the mechanism provided for under Article 26 of the 2024 Paris Olympic and Paralympic Games law.

Hype and Stellantis are already deploying a first fleet of 50 hydrogen “Taxis PMR” in the Île-de-France region surrounding Paris. The first taxis to hit the road did so in June 2023 at the occasion of the 43rd congress of APF France Handicap, the French leading association representing people with disabilities.



I'm keener on fuel cell range extenders than either really fast charging batteries, or massive batteries to enable long range for heavy cars.

So I like what Stellantis are doing.

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