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Porsche AG gradually to increase its stake in IT consultancy MHP to 100%

Porsche AG will gradually take over all shares in the MHP GmbH by January 2024. Already the majority owner, Porsche intends to consistently utilize the growth potential of the management and IT consultancy MHP.

Until now, Ralf Hofmann, co-founder, shareholder and Chairman of the Board of Management, held 18.2% of the shares. Hofmann will remain at the helm of MHP as CEO. With the new structure, MHP should in particular achieve quicker global growth outside of the Group in terms of its size, customer structure and portfolio.

We have big plans for MHP. We want MHP to continue to experience strong growth, including in additional technological fields such as Software as a Service. We are also open to further acquisitions.

—Lutz Meschke, Deputy Chairman of the Executive Board of Porsche AG and Board Member for Finance and IT

MHP has been growing consistently and sustainably for more than 27 years since it was founded in Karlsruhe-Ettlingen in 1996. Porsche AG already held a 51% stake in the management and IT consultancy by 1998. In 2011, Porsche increased its stake to 81.8%. In 2024, it will be 100%. MHP has always been evolving: from an SAP implementation partner to an established process and IT consultancy to a leading, globally active management and IT consultancy.


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