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Zeem Solutions to provide Hertz EV charging at LAX; depot to be one of the largest commercial EV charging hubs in US

Zeem Solutions, an electric vehicle (EV) transportation as a service company, announced a partnership with Hertz to provide fast charging and other services for the rental company’s fleet of EVs at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX).

Zeem’s Los Angeles charging depot, located within a mile of LAX, provides on-site charging, parking, security, scheduled maintenance, and cleaning for EV fleets including cars, vans, buses, and trucks (Class 1 through 8) at a lower cost than owning and operating a gas or diesel fleet.

Zeem’s LAX depot experiences industry leading charging utilization, and upon completion of its infrastructure build out this year, it will be one of the largest commercial EV charging hubs in the US, featuring 82 DC fast charging ports and 10MW of grid interconnection.


Zeem Solutions secured a $50 million investment from ArcLight Capital Partners, LLC to expand high-demand EV charging locations nationwide, including its three-acre LAX depot in Inglewood, California. Upon completion of the infrastructure build out this year, Zeem’s LAX depot will be one of the largest EV charging hubs in the US with the capability to charge more than 1,000 vehicles throughout the day with 82 DC fast chargers and a 10 MW grid interconnection.

In July 2022, Zeem secured a $50-million investment from affiliates of ArcLight Capital Partners, LLC (collectively, “ArcLight”), an infrastructure investor with a focus on electric power and renewables, which is enabling Zeem to expand its business model to new high-demand locations nationwide.

ArcLight and Zeem are collaborating on co-locating large scale charging depots at ArcLight’s power generation sites in key strategic locations, including the ports of Long Beach, CA and Newark, NJ.


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