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Yanmar Power Technology, a subsidiary of Yanmar Holdings, is commercializing a 300 kW maritime hydrogen fuel cell system . The company plans to propose the installation of this system into various ships, including passenger ships, work ships, and cargo ships operating in coastal areas where hydrogen refueling is relatively accessible.


Yanmar maritime hydrogen fuel cell system

In line with the International Maritime Organization's (IMO) revised target of achieving zero net greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by around 2050, the maritime sector is pursuing decarbonization efforts. YPT has actively participated in Japan’s Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism’s (MLIT) initiatives to establish safety guidelines for hydrogen fuel cell ships and develop a roadmap for hydrogen utilization in the marine industry.


Left: Testing of the marine hydrogen fuel cell system; Right: installation into a ship.

Furthermore, YPT has engaged in multiple initiatives, including navigational tests of demonstration ships equipped with hydrogen fuel cells and conducting high-pressure hydrogen refueling tests for ships.

Leveraging its expertise and experience in the marine engine business, Yanmar aims to provide total solutions for decarbonization and digitalization of ships with comprehensive designs covering the entire powertrain of fuel cell ships, encompassing power storage, power management, propulsion, hydrogen storage systems and more. This comprehensive system will support the decarbonization and digitalization of the entire ship.


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