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In June, BorgWarner announced the next phase of its “Charging Forward” strategy for advancing its position as a technology leader in e-Products, while maximizing its foundational portfolio. In its subsequent Q2 report, BorgWarner listed a number of e-Products wins, including:

iDM for Chinese OEM. BorgWarner will supply a new integrated drive module (iDM) to a leading Chinese OEM. BorgWarner anticipates that production will start in the second quarter of 2024.

The iDM comprises two inverters, two eMotors and an e-Gear, in a compact design that reduces cost. Notably, the dual-inverter units dynamically control the two eMotors based on the vehicle’s operating conditions to achieve flexible, efficient propulsion. As key components of the hybrid system, the dual inverters and dual eMotors implement a variety of operating modes to assist the vehicle in managing propulsion and energy recuperation, increasing efficiency.

Production of the iDM is expected to be carried out at BorgWarner’s Wuhan, China plant.

iDM220 for Li Auto. BorgWarner is supplying Li Auto its advanced integrated drive module (iDM220) for the company’s new energy vehicles. This is BorgWarner’s first iDM business in China and is currently installed in two of Li Auto’s model-lines, including the L8 and L9 range-extended electric vehicle (REEV).


BorgWarner’s iDM220 is a highly-integrated electric drive module operating at 400V that is capable of providing over 200 kW of maximum power and an estimated 4500 N·m of peak torque. The module offers high efficiency, smooth and quiet operation, and exceptional performance. The iDM incorporates an electric motor that has a compact, hairpin-wound stator with an outer diameter of 220 mm as well as an integrated off-axis gearbox and a 400V silicon-based inverter, significantly reducing the weight and size of the entire system.

All subsystems used in the iDM are part of BorgWarner’s technology portfolio and are available either as a fully integrated module or as stand-alone solutions for new energy vehicles. The iDM is produced in the BorgWarner Wuhan, China plant using inverters from the BorgWarner Suzhou, China plant.

In addition, BorgWarner’s Tianjin, China plant indirectly supplies the traction motor and generator motor for the front axle on Li Auto’s L7, L8 and L9.

Inverter and eMotor Stator forEast Asian OEM. BorgWarner has been selected by a major East Asian OEM to supply emotor stator and inverter for the automaker’s new electric vehicle platform, scheduled to enter production mid-2025.


Using the latest stator winding technology, the permanent magnet synchronous drive motor will achieve industry-leading power and torque density in addition to peak efficiencies greater than 95%.

High Voltage Coolant Heaters to Global Automotive Supplier for Series of OEM EV Platforms. BorgWarner secured a contract with a global automotive thermal and energy management solutions supplier to deliver high voltage coolant heaters (HVCH) for use on a series of three electric vehicle (EV) platforms for a major OEM. The heater will be added to the supplier’s heating and cooling module and will be used to provide heat to the battery pack and cabin in battery electric vehicles (BEV). The business win with the supplier marks the first collaboration between the companies on a complete vehicle thermal management system.

BorgWarner’s 800V HVCH offers a compact and lightweight design through its thick-film heating and brazed aluminum fin technologies, offering a solution that fits the reduced size and weight dimensions requested by the customer. Additionally, the heater offers robust and optimized heat transfer in the 800V architecture needed to enable fast charging. The 800V HVCH has fast heating response times due to low thermal mass and high efficiency and has a highly flexible power and coolant connector concept.


Further, complying with the industry’s latest safety requirements, BorgWarner’s heating solution includes features to prevent thermal events such as overheating, as the system is designed to switch off automatically should it detect an error.

The 800V HVCH is the first heater of its kind to be launched in North America and highlights the company’s first 800V HVCH win with the OEM. This win builds upon a previous agreement between BorgWarner and the OEM in which BorgWarner directly supplied its 400V solution.

BorgWarner’s 800V HVCH will be produced in the company’s Cadillac, Michigan manufacturing facility with production expected to begin in 2025.

Additional HVCH business with European OEM. BorgWarner has also been awarded additional high voltage coolant heater (HVCH) business with a premium European OEM for its mid-size electric vehicle platform, following an initial supply agreement in July 2022 for the OEM’s small electric vehicle platform.

The 800V 3kW HVCH single-plate heater will be used to maintain optimal battery temperature on electrified vehicles for the European and Asia-Pacific markets.


Thermal management of an electric vehicle’s battery system is essential to achieve optimal performance. By managing the temperature within the battery pack, energy output is maximized, and high thermal power density as well as fast response time are achieved. BorgWarner’s HVCH features a compact design employing the latest thick film heating elements (TFE) on stainless steel.

Heat from the TFEs is efficiently transferred to the coolant through a set of fins. The heating unit is packaged in a solid die-cast aluminum housing that provides excellent electromagnetic shielding and resists thermal shock, vibration and mechanical stress for extended product life.

Production of BorgWarner HVCHs for the customer’s electric vehicle is scheduled to start in 2025.


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