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Sprague introduces renewable diesel to NY metro area

Sprague, one of the largest independent suppliers of energy products and related services in the US Northeast, now offers Renewable Diesel (RD) for both delivery and transport rack loading at its Bronx terminal, New York City’s largest storage and rack loading facility.

We’ve always been committed to finding the best solutions for our customers. Renewable diesel aligns perfectly with our mission of providing cleaner, more sustainable energy options.

—David Glendon, President & CEO at Sprague

While RD is currently available at the Bronx terminal, Sprague plans to expand its availability to other terminals as demand for RD increases.



This is very interesting news. I got to get my hands on some of this renewable diesel, never thought such a thing could exist. One of the main tow trucks at runs on diesel and it would feel much better knowing it's renewable. Thanks for the update.

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