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California HVIP Innovative Small e-Fleet (ISEF) Program opens 30 Aug

The Innovative Small E-Fleet (ISEF) set-aside in California’s HVIP will open on Wednesday 30 August. ISEF provides incentives for small fleets that seek to deploy battery-electric or hydrogen fuel cell trucks.

Eligible participants must be privately owned or non-profit trucking companies in California with 20 or fewer trucks and less than $15 million per year in annual revenue; owner operators also qualify.


Non-profits are exempt from the revenue cap. The funding allocation for ISEF includes $33 million for innovative solutions such as short-term leases, rentals, and truck-as-a-service and $50 million for ISEF purchases.

Interested small fleets looking to purchase should contact a dealer from the HVIP catalog. Eligible participants looking for an innovative solution should visit the Provider Directory. Fleets are encouraged to verify their recorded fleet size using Safer, and their compliance and eligibility using the TRUCRs system, to ensure eligibility prior to participation.

Third-party providers offering innovative solutions may still apply to participate in ISEF using this application.

All HVIP approved dealers will be able to access the ISEF application within the Voucher Processing Center once ISEF is open. Voucher requests will be accepted until funding has been exhausted. Updates on funding availability will be posted on HVIP’s funding page.

California fleets can contact an HVIP-approved dealer or provider to participate in ISEF. Guidelines to participate in ISEF are now available through Appendix F of HVIP’s Fiscal Year 2022-23 Implementation Manual.


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