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NEO Battery Materials, a developer of silicon anode materials for longer-running, rapid-charging lithium-ion batteries, announced the latest optimized batch of NEO’s proprietary silicon anode materials, NBMSiDE, has been sent to battery manufacturers and EV automakers for performance evaluation.

As announced earlier, further improved formulations with uniform coatings and additives have enabled a more than 70% cycle life enhancement compared to the previous evaluated batch. NEO Battery has continued sample delivery with multiple companies in the EV battery supply chain, undergoing more than 20 active material evaluations to date.

The latest delivery marks the 4th sample sent to a global battery manufacturer with initial sample tests with North American-based LFP (Lithium Iron Phosphate) battery manufacturers.

NEO says that its R&D team has established a productive evaluation-feedback relationship with battery cell/material manufacturers and EV automakers. Close communication through recurring technical meetings with all testing parties has led to substantial technological and commercial advancements. Testing parties are undertaking various physical and electrochemical tests to characterize performance within their respective battery systems, and NEO actively provides optimized samples that fulfill specifications.

Over the past 4 weeks, NEO has established 6 non-disclosure agreements (NDA) with high-profile entities including:

  • A European-based premium automotive OEM and battery developer

  • An Asian-based global battery manufacturer

  • A North American-based battery manufacturer, graphite company, and government organization

As announced, NEO has hired new engineering researchers to increase the development and testing capabilities for NBMSiDE. NEO will initiate silicon and graphite mixture anode testing to replicate commercial-level battery conditions.

With an initial energy density of 2,200 mAh/g for NBMSiDE, an energy density of ~510 mAh/g can be achieved when combined with commercial-level graphite, implying that NEO can increase the average EV range by 20% when commercialized.


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