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German minister Wissing starts international e-fuels dialogue

The German Federal Minister for Digital Affairs and Transport Dr Volker Wissing launched an international e-fuels dialogue in Munich at the conference “E-Fuels – Paving the Way for Clean Mobility”. The conference is focused on the potential of e-fuels and strategies for a successful market ramp-up. The aim is to consolidate international exchange.

We need e-fuels to achieve our climate protection goals. Electricity-based synthetic fuels are an important and necessary addition to electromobility. We will be able to decarbonize transport faster if we keep all technological possibilities open. A successful market ramp-up of e-fuels requires comprehensive political support—worldwide.

Our goal is to agree on uniform standards and a legal framework, to reduce the currently high costs and to increase production capacities. Legal and planning certainty are necessary prerequisites for industry and investors. At our conference in Munich, we initiated an international e-fuels dialogue, which we now want to continue so that we can make electricity-based fuels available for all modes of transport. Our partners can be sure: we can rely on Germany—as a player in the climate-friendly transformation of mobility, but also as a long-term partner for climate-friendly fuels.

—Federal Minister Volker Wissing

In three rounds of discussions at the conference, possible uses were examined, successful strategies for the production of e-fuels were examined and innovative solutions to promote the market ramp-up were discussed.

In the morning, a political exchange took place at ministerial level. Among others, the Czech Republic, Morocco and Japan were represented. This exchange of ideas focused in particular on the importance of e-fuels in the different countries and sectors. At the subsequent conference, representatives from research and industry discussed the opportunities and challenges that arise in the production and use of e-fuels together with political decision-makers.

The Federal Ministry of Digital and Transport aims to continue the international e-fuels dialogue and to deepen and expand international exchange.



Wissing is one of the biggest morons among present German politicians and he proves that point once again.


Things are finally moving forward in Germany and Europe with green e-fuels. Now that it has slowly started with the green H2, WE are now hoping for sustainable green e-fuels for use in cars too!

This has probably not yet been said by Minister Wissing, because many people think that e-fuels are only planned for airplanes and ships. Will trucks continue to run on petroleum fuel?

Well we are happy that the Porsche and VW GEO Mr. Blume is working intensively on green e-fuel variants and production. The research for green e-fuels is just beginning and that's why every day is important.

The stock of all mobility options on land, water and air can be done with green e-fuels.

Why politicians only want BEVs is probably a mystery of the ignorance of chemistry and physics.


@ Herman;
I had only 8 semesters of physics, chemistry and advanced math amongst other boring subjects. So probably in your estimation I'm not qualified to issue a valid statement concerning the topic of this thread. Nevertheless, I have an opinion that disagrees wholly with yours.
First of all, E-Fuels, produced with renewables are prohibitively expensive and a waste of precious energy. They may be carbon neutral but in municipal areas this is completely irrelevant because all those well known emissions remain to douse all those living there. In rural areas this may be negligible because the pollutants are diluted. I need not to explain the first law of thermodynamics to you because apparently, you as well as Wissing, appear not only to know everything but also to know everything better.
Chinese manufacturers do not produce any ICE vehicles anymore, only BEVs. Apparently they know which technolgy has a future. Batteries are improving almost daily and it will not be too far off until nothing leaves to be desired for their functionality.
ICEs are a stone age relict so just let them RIP!

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