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Sakuu’s Cypress Li-metal battery cell achieves up to 950 Wh/l, 260+ Wh/kg, 400+ cycles to 80% SOH

Sakuu Corporation announced some performance milestones for its licensable Cypress Li-Metal battery cell chemistry (earlier post) designed to integrate seamlessly into today’s roll-to-roll battery manufacturing process:

  • 750–950 Wh/l Energy Density of active cell area

  • 260+ Wh/kg Specific Energy

  • 792 W/kg Specific Power (@ 3C)

  • 3C Sustained Discharge, 10C Peak, with full recovery (Li-Metal anode with high nickel cathode)

  • 400+ Cycles to 80% SOH (100% DoD)

Sakuu Cypress Graph

Samples of its licensable high-energy, high-power Li-Metal Cypress battery cell chemistry, commercially available since May 2023, have been delivered to strategic customers around the world in the electric 2W mobility/motorcycle space, as well as e-aviation/drone, defense, and power tool industries.


In addition to its Cypress battery cell technology Sakuu is continuing to make progress on its longer-term initiative known as Kavian, an additive manufacturing platform. (Earlier post.)

>Arwed Niestroj, Sakuu Senior Vice President of Customer Success, presented at the 2023 Battery Electric Vehicle Architectures USA Congress in Detroit on June 21, stating, “We have proven with our platform that we can print polymers, ceramics, and metals—using various dry processes in one device and also in one layer—which no other additive manufacturing company can do. This enables Sakuu to print batteries as well as other active devices.

We are in the business of developing and licensing revolutionary manufacturing technology for OEMs to mass produce batteries with higher performance at less cost.Creating an advanced Cypress battery chemistry uniquely positions Sakuu to deliver on our innovative Kavian manufacturing platform. This is our invitation to battery manufacturers everywhere to work with us on pushing boundaries and capturing previously unattainable benefits.

—Robert Bagheri, CEO and Founder of Sakuu



OK, so the volume density is good, the weight density is OK, (but nothing special) and the number of cycles is only OK (400 to 80%).

What am I missing here? Is there some application where these work really well?

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