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TPER in Bologna to buy 130 Solaris hydrogen buses; option for 140 more

The municipal public transport operator TPER in the city of Bologna is going to purchase 130 hydrogen buses from Solaris. The delivery will encompass 127 units of 12-meter Urbino 12 hydrogen buses for TPER Bologna and 3 units for TPER Ferrara. The carrier shall also have the right to extend the order by an additional 140 vehicles as an option.


The Italian cities of Bologna and Ferrara have just started one of the largest projects encompassing hydrogen fuel cell buses in Europe.

Each bus features a 70 kW fuel cell fueled by hydrogen from five composite tanks placed on the bus roof. With the full tanks that can hold 37.5 kg of hydrogen, the bus will be able to cover about 350 km.


The first batch of 37 hydrogen units will be delivered to the city in 2024. The rest of the vehicles will arrive in 2025-2026.

Solaris is a European e-mobility leader, including in the production of hydrogen buses. So far, the company has delivered morethan 120 hydrogen-powered units to a dozen or so clients in 8 countries. In 2022, Solaris extended its hydrogen offer with an articulated Urbino 18 hydrogen bus.


Bella Donna

In a groundbreaking move, TPER in Bologna has announced plans to purchase 130 cutting-edge Solaris hydrogen buses, with an option for an additional 140. 😊 This forward-thinking initiative marks a significant stride towards sustainable public transportation.
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