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Smartville Inc., an EV battery-repurposing company, is unveiling the Smartville 360 Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) during the RE+ 2023 conference in Las Vegas. The Smartville 360 BESS is a fully integrated, turnkey energy storage system that combines high-quality repurposed automotive lithium-ion battery from multiple automotive makes and models that meet Smartville’s specifications matched with proprietary safety and life-cycle optimization controls.

One of the first in line to capitalize on this new technology is Nissan North America, which recently executed a contract with Smartville to install a 500 kWh Smartville 360 BESS using second-life Nissan LEAF battery packs at the global automaker’s North American headquarters in Franklin, Tennessee.


The Smartville 360 is expected to be installed and operational at Nissan’s Tennessee headquarters by the second quarter of 2024.

The Smartville 360 features a configurable building-block design starting at 360 kilowatt-hours of available capacity which can be combined to meet any commercial, industrial and utility-scale application. Smartville has developed battery screening, qualification and integration approaches to procure US-sourced, high-quality tier-1 EV batteries to meet demand for the coming year and ensure it can fill its growing customer pipeline.


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