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Hyundai Motor North America (HMNA) and Hyundai America Technical Center, Inc., (HATCI) opened their $51.4-million Safety Test and Investigation Laboratory (STIL) at a ribbon cutting ceremony in Superior Township, Mich. The STIL is supported by 160 employees and is planned to be operational by mid-October.

The new safety facility is a first of its kind by an OEM in North America that is dedicated to field safety. The facility includes a field crash investigation lab, high voltage battery lab, forensics lab, 400m track and a Vehicle Dynamics Area skid pad.


The investment is focused on enhancing Hyundai’s safety commitment by helping with new technology development, identifying, and replicating vehicle field issues, expediting investigations, and conducting regulatory safety testing. IBI Group and BCCG were responsible for the architectural design and construction of the building.

The STIL differentiates itself from other automotive OEM laboratories through its dedicated purpose of investigating real-world crashes and field issues, typically done by outside vendors. Having such a capable and expansive safety and investigations laboratory in-house, will allow Hyundai to take a more proactive approach in determining safety issues and trends early-on.

The Hyundai North American Safety Office is very excited to be an important contributor to our company’s future success through tackling quality, crashworthiness, and crash avoidance scenarios to protect customers and enhance our world-class safety organization.

—Brian Latouf, global chief safety officer, Hyundai Motor Company

The STIL was developed in collaboration with the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration (NHTSA) based on a 2020 Consent Order which required an investment in a safety facility of $25 million. Hyundai recognized the benefits in having a best-in-class crash facility dedicated to safety and investigations. Hyundai doubled its investment which exceeds more than $51 million.

As one of Hyundai Motor Group’s (HMG) six centers focused on research and development (R&D), Hyundai America Technical Center, Inc. (HATCI) was established in 1986 in Ann Arbor, Michigan. HATCI is HMG’s design, technology, and engineering division for North America. As HMG has solidified its position as one of the top five global OEMs, HATCI has grown to include a strong network of engineering disciplines and increased business-focused activities.


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