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Yamoto Transport orders around 900 FUSO light-duty electric eCanters

Daimler Truck AG and its Japanese subsidiary Mitsubishi Fuso Bus and Truck Corporation announced the handover of the first FUSO Next Generation eCanter (earlier post) to Yamoto Transport Co, Ltd.. The all-electric truck is the first of around 900 Next Generation eCanters Yamoto Transport ordered from FUSO—the largest single order of FUSO’s light-duty electric truck eCanter so far. The remaining deliveries to the customer will follow sequentially from now on.


Next Genration eCanter for Yamato Transport in Japan

Yamato Transport is introducing the eCanter as part of its efforts to achieve a 48% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 (compared to 2020), and ultimately virtually zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. Yamato Transport will use FUSO Green Lease, a lease product by Daimler Truck Financial Services Asia Co., Ltd. exclusively for the new eCanter, designed to meet the specific needs of electric trucks.

FUSO Green Lease comes up with a comprehensive and tailor-made eMobility ecosystem, including vehicle maintenance services and special warranties.

The first eCanter was launched by FUSO in 2017 as Japan's first mass-produced electric locally CO2-emission free light-duty truck, reducing the burden on the driver with its low noise/vibration driving. Over the last five years, several customers in markets all over the world used the FUSO eCanter in their businesses and provided comprehensive feedback based on their real-life experiences.

FUSO used this customer feedback during the development of the Next Generation eCanter. Yamato Transport as one of the very first eCanter customers introduced 25 units of the first generation eCanter in their fleet in 2017. Based on their positive experience using the eCanter over several years in home delivery and other logistics services in Japan, Yamato Transport decided to introduce around 900 units of the Next Generation eCanter Japan-wide.

The Next Generation eCanter was launched earlier this year in various European markets, Japan and several Overseas-markets. Last month FUSO introduced the eCanter for the first time in Indonesia and Chile.


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