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OCI Global to double its green methanol capacity in the US to about 400,000 tonnes per year

OCI Global, the world’s largest producer of green methanol, plans to double its green methanol production capacity to approximately 400,000 metric tons per year in response to the growing demand for green methanol from numerous high emissions industries, including road transport, shipping and industrial.

The scale-up plans include entering into supply agreements for renewable natural gas (RNG) exceeding 15,000 mmbtu per day as well as securing the waste and development rights from the City of Beaumont. This is OCI’s first upstream RNG production facility and production is slated to start in Q1 2025.

As well as reducing carbon dioxide emissions, obtaining biogas from landfill has the benefit of using methane—which over a 20-year period, has a global warming potential that is 84 times more potent than carbon dioxide.

OCI currently has capacity to produce up to 200 thousand metric tons of green methanol. Offtakers include the road fuels market, where it is used as a fuel-blend to reduce emissions from gasoline; as a building block in a range of industrial applications; and most recently, as a fuel for shipping.

OCI has projected growth in the green methanol market of incremental demand of more than 6 million tonnes by 2028, due to the adoption of green methanol as a shipping fuel, based on the 225 dual-fueled methanol vessels now on order.

This summer, the first green methanol container vessel, owned by AP Moller Maersk, was fueled with OCI HyFuels green methanol on its maiden voyage from Korea to Copenhagen. The company also announced last month a new agreement with Xpress Feeder Lines to supply their green methanol ships at the Port of Rotterdam from 2025.



Green methanol from landfill is a win on just about every level.

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