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Turntide Technologies has launched the Turntide Lithium-ion NMC Battery Pack. This new product line offers a scalable modular design with significantly greater energy density in a lighter, smaller form factor than the previous Hyperdrive battery line.

The Turntide Lithium-ion NMC Battery Pack combines automotive-quality Nickel-Manganese-Cobalt (NMC) cells with an integrated Battery Management System (BMS) to deliver high energy density and performance. The new Turntide battery is purpose-built for high performance in the rugged and harsh operating conditions of off-highway vehicle applications such as construction, agricultural equipment, marine, and rail.


44V NMC pack

The new packs introduce several enhancements and benefits:

  • Improved Energy Density: The new Turntide battery offers a significant gain in energy density over the previous Hyperdrive line. This allows for the same amount of energy to be provided from a smaller and lighter package, giving vehicle manufacturers greater flexibility to design more efficient solutions.

  • High Reliability: The single Battery Control Unit is flexible across multiple system voltages and battery configurations, reducing complexity, enhancing reliability, and lowering costs.

  • World Class Expertise: Turntide offers unequaled expertise in battery technology, gained from partnering with a leading OEM to design and deliver the world’s first battery-electric mini excavator to market.

  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership: Turntide can help OEMs offer a compelling TCO to owners and operators with a lower upfront investment, decreased maintenance expenses, and cost-effective recycling solutions.

The batteries are available in 44V (4.5 kWh and 6.7 kWh) and 52V (5.3 kWh and 8 kWh) with air or liquid cooling options. The modular battery packs can connect in series for systems up to 500V and in parallel for different energy capacities. Turntide also offers a range of matched inverters to streamline vehicle integration and shorten time to market.

Turntide’s transport division supplies a suite of high-performance electrification components, including batteries, inverters, fans, pumps, and EV motors. With more than 60 years of electrification expertise and 300,000+ vehicles in the field, Turntide is a trusted partner to leading OEMs, including JCB, Snorkel, and Hitachi Rail.


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