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Honda introduces $995 Motocompacto e-Scooter

Honda has introduced the Motocompacto e-Scooter, a fresh take on e-scooters that was inspired by the Honda Motocompo of the early ’80s. Sales will begin exclusively at, and at Honda and Acura automobile dealers in November with an MSRP of just $995.


The zero-emissions Motocompacto provides riders with an easy and fun-to-ride alternative transport that greatly reduces their carbon footprint while offering great convenience. With a maximum speed of 15 mph and zero-emissions range of up to 12 miles, Motocompacto can be fully charged in just 3.5 hours in both the folded and ready-to-ride configuration using a common 110 v outlet.

Motocompacto was designed and developed by Honda engineers in Ohio and California as an innovative approach to personal electric transportation that has earned 32 patents. Uniquely foldable, Motocompacto quickly transforms into its own compact, light and stackable carrying case that's easy to take along in a vehicle, on public transportation or store in tight places.

Motocompacto was designed with rider comfort and convenience in mind with a cushy seat, secure grip foot pegs, on-board storage, a digital speedometer, a charge gauge and a comfortable carry handle. A phone app enables riders to adjust their personal settings, including lighting and ride modes, via Bluetooth.



Range looks a bit short, but I suppose you have to keep the weight down.
Any comments on the weight ?
Also, might be a handful in crosswinds.
Still, interesting.
Maybe aim for a 20 or 25 mile version and see which sells best.

Bella Donna

The design is gorgeous but the range is not.

Good to see innovation and interesting styling but what does this vehicle do that any ordinary tandem scooter does not? (many allow you to add a seat, which is arguable not an advantage for either safety or comfort)

The suitcase body appears only to add bulk.

- 16 year owner and rider of scooters. Six of various sizes in the garage.


This is more competition to an electric kick scooter than a tandem scooter (e.g. Ducati Scramble e-scooter vs the Vespa Electricca).
Kind of reminds me of what Clarkson and Hammond were doing with suitcases in the Stansted Airport on Grand Tour
BTW there’s a ‘81 Vespa in my garage acquired 30 years ago.


As a kind of level 2 e-bike / (15 mph for 12 miles w/new battery), its really designed for cars from suburbs to park freely outside big cities where parking is expensive or hard to find, then pop the trunk of your Honda Civic, Accord, Odyssey, Pilot, Clarity & remove your "Last Mile" Personal Mobility Assist Device of PMAD which has legal protections, no engine, no emissions, no fuel. Probably well made with long lasting parts compared with similar options from others at similar price points. At ~42 lbs it's not heavy & right at the lifting limit of an individual average human adult for safe lifting in & out of the trunk of an automobile. I personally think the 64lb Lectric 3.0 e-bike with 5 levels of PAS & twist to go, front & seat suspension & utility basked mounting points front & back & optional cargo baskets, now with hydraulic brakes included, that can fold in half to load into a vehicle trunk, a better value for a couple hundred more dollars, & got one for my wife :) This unit also makes the sub $2k Ruckus look even more like a better deal, though those do not fold in half & have a mass to heavy for safe lifting into & out of a vehicle. I like the PCX150 way more, but it's also almost 4X more costly, it also goes much faster & has way better ranged. Given the rapid pace of LIB battery technology improvement of NMC & LFP & upcoming NaB or Sodium Ion, these kinds of compact folding last mile vehicles have to strike a number of engineering balances or compromises just like the chemistry & electrolyte of the LIB design used to store & discharge energy from the charger grid power adapter setup & motor controller respectively. I wonder if it feature brake energy capture. I was also unclear from the website if there was suspension & the wheel diameter, what kind of tires, if the tires are replaceable, what kind of brakes. What is the warranty? Can the battery pack be replaced or upgrade with more capacity for longer range? What about NVH? The Ohio team also designed the latest NSX hybrid which is dope at its $160K price point for a well healed buyer with deep pockets (see rich men's vehicle toys)/ Hey for under $1000 USD2023 given the nearly useless value of such money now, its a good deal, but the specks, by the way what is the torque & power output of the motor drive unit? Seems like 250-350w given range & mass (speculative) as many technical specifications are missing from the related product website. I wonder if this will become a collectors item that increases in value over time like that 2 stroke 1980's Motorcomp that's so popular in many YouTube videos about it //

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