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Battle Motors unveiled its California EV (Electric Vehicle) refuse truck, the 3-axle LET2 (Low Entry Tilt 2), featuring the Heil Rapid Rail Automated Side Loader Refuse Collection Vehicle (RCV).

With an 8.67-ton legal payload capacity, Battle Motors’s truck reduces waste collection trips on a 3-axle configuration, reducing road congestion and minimizing transportation-related carbon emissions. The truck‘s electric motor ensures near-silent operation.

The mounted battery packs come in 240 kWh or 400 kWh options, depending on utilization, route and range needs.

Battle Motors’ in-cab technologies include a digital dash running everything from proprietary RevolutionOS to MobilEye vision-based safety systems. The OEM integrated the Heil Rapid Rail Automated Side Loader Refuse Collection Vehicle, a system with more than three decades of industry-leading reliability in automated refuse collection. Its functionality includes a lengthy reach, swift cycle times, a continuous packing system, and a structurally efficient design.

Through Battle Motors’ partnership with PositivEnergy, a turn-key charging solution of Level 2 and 3 chargers is available for customers. Ideal for the refuse segment, a driver can arrive in the morning, do their route and leave the vehicle to charge overnight in the yard.

The LET2 EV is now available in Southern California through Velocity Truck Centers.


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