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Dragonfly Energy, in collaboration with Aqua Metals, has successfully used high-purity lithium hydroxide recovered by Aqua Metals from recycled lithium-ion batteries to manufacture a lithium-based battery cell using Dragonfly Energy’s patented dry battery electrode coating technology.

The successful recovery of battery-grade lithium hydroxide and cycle testing of a sustainably manufactured lithium battery cell is an advancement for sustainable lithium-ion battery production for the two companies.

The process demonstrates a potential path towards a more circular and sustainable lithium battery manufacturing industry that addresses the finite and costly nature of battery materials.

Aqua Metals recovers high-purity lithium hydroxide from lithium-ion battery black mass—the mtallic mixture of crushed and shredded end-of-life battery cells that contain valuable minerals, including lithium. Aqua Metals provided this high-purity lithium hydroxide to Dragonfly Energy, where it was used in the production of a standard CR2032 cell using the company’s patented dry powder coating process.

This initiative confirms that sustainably recycled materials can meet the high standards for advanced battery cell production and can be an essential part of building a circular supply chain for the domestic battery industry.

“This is an exciting milestone for us in establishing the efficacy of our sustainable recycling process and affirming that our high-purity recovered material is battery grade and of equal quality to virgin mined material with a much lower carbon and waste footprint.

—Steve Cotton, President and CEO of Aqua Metals

The companies—both based in Nevada—said that the process demonstrates potential for a future closed lithium loop in Nevada in which all stages of lithium battery production, from exploration to manufacturing and then recycling, happen within the state. Nevada is well-positioned as the starting and ending point for lithium batteries. The state is believed to have the largest source of lithium in North America.

The use of recycled lithium addresses two major initiatives for Dragonfly Energy; it helps close the loop by filling in that all-important recycling component, and it provides a ready and sustainable supply of lithium for use in upcoming cell production.

Dragonfly Energy is committed to securing a robust supply chain that is compliant with the 2022 Inflation Reduction Act — relating to both mineral processing and battery recycling goals — to support our growth and our future expansion efforts while practicing material circularity and sustainability.

—Dr Denis Phares, CEO of Dragonfly Energy


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