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Porsche is expanding its hybrid range for the new Cayenne further. The new Cayenne S E-Hybrid is the third electrified engine variant within the model series and is positioned between the Cayenne E-Hybrid and the Cayenne Turbo E-Hybrid.


Focusing on a balance between everyday usability and performance, the S E-Hybrid is available in SUV and SUV Coupé body variants. The hybrid technology of the new Cayenne, comprehensively revised earlier this year, also provides this model variant with a further improved electric range and short charging times due to its intelligent energy management.

In the Cayenne S E-Hybrid, a revised three-liter V6 turbo engine with 260 kW/353 PS (Cayenne S E-Hybrid: Fuel consumption combined (WLTP) 1.7 – 1.4 l/100 km, CO₂ emissions combined (WLTP) 39 – 31 g/km, Electric power consumption combined (WLTP) 31.7 – 29.1 kWh/100 km, Electric range combined (WLTP) 71 – 78 km, Electric range in town (WLTP) 79 – 90 km) is paired with a 130 kW (176 PS) electric motor.

Together they achieve a system output of 382 kW (519 PS) and a maximum system torque of 750 N·m. The high output potential is reflected in the driving performance. The Cayenne S E-Hybrid accelerates from 0 to 100 in 4.7 seconds and has a top speed of 263 km/h (163 mph).

Air suspension with 2-chamber, 2-valve technology for a maximum range. In the Cayenne S E-Hybrid, the standard adaptive air suspension contributes to the combination of increased performance and greater driving comfort. Its innovative 2-chamber, 2-valve technology enables a particularly wide spectrum of spring rates that range from extremely comfortable to high performance, dynamic behavior.

At the same time, the new S E-Hybrid models benefit from the optimization of the hybrid system of the current Cayenne generation. A purely electric range (EAER City) of up to 90 kilometers enables most of the day-to-day, local driving to be emission-free. Porsche makes this range possible with a battery capacity of 25.9 kWh. The new on-board AC charger fully charges the Cayenne S E-Hybrid in less than two and a half hours at a suitable power source with a charging capacity of up to 11 kW.

The new Cayenne S E-Hybrid models can be ordered immediately. Deliveries will commence in November 2023.


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