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GlobalFoundries enhances 22FDX platform with new features, temperature-resilient capabilities for IoT and automotive

At its annual Technology Summit in Europe, GlobalFoundries (GF) announced advancements to its 22FDX (22nm FD-SOI) (Fully Depleted Silicon On Insulator) platform, introducing a suite of innovative features and enhancements. These enhancements represent a strategic response to the growing demand for better power efficiency and top-tier performance in both IoT and automotive applications.

The new features include ultra-low power memory, designed to operate with exceptional energy efficiency, even in the most power-sensitive environments. Additionally, GF’s 22FDX platform introduces advanced temperature-resistant capabilities, which are critical for the auto industry as they ensure the long-term durability, reliability and safety of vehicle electronic systems, particularly in high-heat environments found under the hood and during demanding operations.

The technology also offers optimized energy management, allowing for intelligent power consumption and improved battery life in a variety of devices.

For the automotive industry, GF announced 22FDX+ AutoPro150. This offering extends the capabilities of 22FDX+ for use in automotive up to 150 °C with corner tightened standard cell libraries and optimized SRAM compilers to boost chip performance by 10% or reduce power consumption by up to 20%.

Novel SRAM bitcells and compilers that are optimized with reverse body-biasing, a capability only possible in FD-SOI technology, can deliver up to 60% leakage reduction at 150°C junction temperature.


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