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Ideal Power launches second commercial product, SymCool IQ

Ideal Power, developer of the B-TRAN bidirectional semiconductor power switch, has launched its second commercial product, the SymCool IQ Intelligent Power Module. SymCool IQ builds on the bidirectional B-TRAN multi-die packaging design of the SymCool power module and adds an integrated intelligent driver optimized for bidirectional operation.

The SymCool IQ, rated at 1200V and 160A, has significant advantages compared to IGBT modules, including lower losses and inherent bidirectionality. For OEM customers incorporating SymCool IQ into their products, these advantages translate to increased energy savings, lower product operating costs, and significantly lower thermal management requirements resulting in more compact and lower cost products.

The addition of an integrated intelligent driver in the SymCool IQ provides protection features such as overcurrent protection, undervoltage protection and temperature sensing. OEM customers will also recognize its popular 62-millimeter package as it is a standard for industrial power semiconductor packaging.

According to Mordor Intelligence, the power semiconductor market for energy, power and industrial applications is forecasted to be $13 billion in 2028, growing at a compound annual growth rate of 6% through the forecast period (2023-2028). SymCool IQ addresses a variety of applications in this market including renewable energy, energy storage, electric vehicle charging, UPS systems for data centers and several other industrial power control applications.

The introduction of our second product marks another commercialization milestone for Ideal Power and our B-TRAN technology. The SymCool IQ product provides a low-loss, bidirectional solution complete with built-in intelligent controls for several of our key market segments including renewable energy, energy storage, UPS/data center, electric vehicle charging and other industrial power control applications. These industrial markets typically have design cycles of about a year. We look forward to our first commercial sales from this product next year with sales ramping as customers incorporate SymCool IQ into their OEM product designs.

We are introducing products at a great time when renewables, energy storage and electric vehicle charging are in the early stages of adoption. OEMs are looking for more efficient power semiconductors to improve the efficiency of their OEM products and lower operating costs for their customers in these applications. These market segments still have the largest part of their growth curve ahead of them.

—Dan Brdar, President and CEO of Ideal Power


In August, Ideal Power reported that it had entered into Phase II of a product development agreement with a top 10 global automaker. Under this agreement, Ideal Power is partnering with the automaker’s advanced technology development team and an innovative packaging company selected by the automaker to develop a custom B-TRAN power module for use in electric vehicle drivetrain inverters in the automaker’s next-generation EV platform. B-TRAN is also being evaluated for the automaker’s EV charging ecosystem.

All Phase I deliverables were successfully completed including a wafer run and delivery of packaged and tested B-TRAN devices and test boards to both the automaker and the packaging company in the program. Ideal Power also provided technical support and device characterization and test data to the automaker on B-TRAN performance and related drive circuitry. The B-TRAN devices delivered to the automaker outperformed the device performance specifications provided to them at the beginning of the program.

Phase II builds on the completion of all Phase I deliverables.In Phase II, Ideal Power will collaborate closely with the automaker’s packaging company to supply B-TRAN devices for integration into the custom power module design. The company will also provide a comprehensive reliability test plan and, once approved, conduct third party testing of packaged B-TRAN devices.

Phase III will be extensive testing of the custom B-TRAN module to meet automotive certification standards enabling B-TRAN to be the core of the powertrain inverter for the automaker's next-generation electric vehicles. The delivery of production-ready B-TRAN based modules for this program continues to be targeted for 2025.


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