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Hystar AS, a spin-off from SINTEF that is developing efficient PEM electrolyzers, will build a fully automated 4 GW electrolyzer factory in Høvik, Norway (just west of Oslo), that will be delivered in 2025, with construction commencing in early 2024. Furthermore, the company is expanding into North America, establishing a location in 2024 and a multi-GW factory by 2027.

As part of its expansion, Hystar will soon initiate the hiring process for its new North American headquarters. Additionally, the company is in discussions with key stakeholders in both the United States and Canada to establish its first GW factory on the continent, where Hystar expects its commercial operations may exceed its European plans within the decade. The company has not ruled out the possibility of investing in further GW factories before 2030.

Hystar has already begun production of its electrolyzer stacks for its upcoming PEM electrolyzer deliveries using its existing facilities, which have a production capacity of 50 MW annually. As such, Hystar’s ramp-up to a GW factory marks a significant expansion to meet the surging demand for its technology.

The supplier for the Høvik GW automated production line will be selected later this year, and the factory’s production line will be fully operational by 2026.

Upcoming deliveries from Hystar include a 1 MW electrolyzer in Q4 2023 for Norwegian companies Equinor, Yara Clean Ammonia, and Gassco, for the HyPilot field project in Kårstø, Norway. This will be followed by a 5 MW electrolyzer for Poland’s largest private energy company, Polenergia, in Q3 2024 for their H2HubNS project in Nowa Sarzyna, Poland.


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