Verkor secures more than €2B to launch battery gigafactory in France
Fully electric vehicles accounted for 15.6% of total BMW brand sales in US in Q3

Nissan’s two EV models represented 3% of US sales in Q3 2023

Sales of Nissan’s two electric models in the US—the venerable LEAF and the Ariya—accounted for 3% (6,074 units) of the total 200,334 sold in Q3 2023. LEAF sales were 1,570 units, up 23% from Q3 2022, while the newer Ariya posted 4,504 units.

YTD, the electric models accounted for 2.4% of total sales (15,503 out of 648,219 units). For the same period in 2022, Nissan had only the LEAF on sale, with 8,898 units, representing 1.8% of sales.

Nissan’s luxury division Infinit currently has no EVs in showrooms, although it does offer hybrids.


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