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Quantron AG supplies IKEA Austria with five hydrogen fuel cell trucks

IKEA Austria is introducing five QUANTRON QLI fuel cell electric trucks. The zero-emission transporters will be fueled with green hydrogen from energy supplier Wien Energie.


The fuel cell vehicles were developed in collaboration with Ballard Power Systems, the Canadian global leader in fuel cell technology. The entire process from feasibility study to delivery took only 18 months, enabling the QUANTRON QLI FCEV to hit the road in record time.

The Quantron Inside technology offers a user-friendly complete package with e-axle, customized high-performance battery, fuel cell and tank system integration, and unique energy management and aerodynamics for maximum efficiency. One tank of fuel is sufficient for a range of up to 400 km, allowing distances of more than 500 km per day.


We are delighted that our long-standing collaboration with IKEA has reached another level with the launch of a new generation of innovative QUANTRON products. The QLI FCEV is the first H2 vehicle in the fuel cell commercial vehicle segment up to 7.5 t in Europe and the market leader in fuel cell technology in this class. We have been supporting IKEA Austria on its mission of decarbonization since August 2021. IKEA Austria has 45 QLI BEV trucks in use in the greater Vienna area and a further eleven in other Austrian cities.

—Andreas Haller, founder and Executive Chairman of Quantron AG

The use of the battery-electric QUANTRON vehicles saves around 450 tons of CO2 annually. The FCEV trucks have a longer range for deliveries even outside urban areas and are expected to reduce CO2 emissions by another 160 tons per year. By 2025, IKEA Austria plans to make 100% of its last-mile deliveries emission-free. The company announced to expand its fleet of H2 trucks to 40 units by 2025.



Mercedes truck, battery powerd, managed a 40 ton load over the Alps over a distance > 500 km without recharging. Who needs hydrogen???

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