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New MINI Cooper SE EV

MINI is introducing the new MINI Cooper SE EV, in the fifth model generation of the MINI three-door. With 160 kW/218 hp and a maximum torque of 330 N·m, the MINI Cooper SE sprints from 0 to 100 km/h in 6.7 seconds. The high-voltage battery with 54.2 kWh energy content placed in the vehicle floor enables a range of 402 kilometers determined in the WLTP test cycle. The driving dynamics are based on the slightly increased track width as well as a wider wheelbase.


With fast charging with direct current of up to 95 kW, 30 minutes are enough to charge the battery from 10 percent to 80 percent. The customer can optimize the charging process at any time with easy-to-understand settings and conveniently view them via the MINI App.

The new MINI Cooper SE gains not only a strong presence and increased dynamics, but also additional efficiency. Due to the further optimized aerodynamic properties, the vehicle achieves a cW value of 0.28.


New driver assistance systems. With 12 ultrasonic sensors and four surround cameras, the MINI Parking Assistant Plus simplifies parking and can identify possible parking spaces more clearly. TheExplore Mode also offers a unique solution for the vehicle segment. This allows the new MINI Cooper SE to be easily controlled and parked from the outside using a smartphone if the space at the side is too small for entry.

Once parked, the Remote 360 option allows the surroundings of the parked vehicle to be viewed via the MINI App, thus increasing safety. Shared moments can be captured by the snapshot function of the interior camera and transferred to the smartphone via WiFi Direct. The innovative MINI Digital Key Plus option also turns the smartphone into a digital key and facilitates car sharing. Numerous individual vehicle settings can be stored in this way, each ensuring a personalized vehicle experience.



What a shame Mini continues to cripple its cute, lovable sporty car with such short range and low speed DC charging. This car should be competitive, with all the time they have had to create early versions and an enthusiastic following.

Can’t think of a single reason anyone would buy this over an Ioniq 5, which has good looks, longer range, and charging that is more than twice as fast.

Mini is asleep at the wheel.

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