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Elcora Advanced Materials and Mincape SARL are partnering to establish manganese mining operations in Morocco and West Africa. This collaboration aims to support the ever-expanding EVbattery market and secure a sustainable source of high-quality manganese ore.

Manganese can play a pivotal role in enhancing the energy storage capabilities and overall performance of EV batteries.

The partnership brings together Elcora’s experience in battery metals, logistics, and global market access, and Mincape’s expertise in geology, research, sustainable resource development and advanced mining technologies.

Key highlights of this joint venture include:

  • Manganese Resource Development: Elcora and Mincape will combine their technical know-how and resources to identify and develop current and new manganese deposits in Morocco and West Africa, ensuring a stable supply of high-grade manganese for the EV battery market.

  • Meeting EV Battery Demand: The partnership’s primary objective is to meet the growing demand for manganese from the EV battery industry, contributing to the production of cleaner and more efficient electric vehicles.

  • Global Reach: Elcora and Mincape’s combined networks and global presence will allow for efficient distribution of manganese to battery manufacturers worldwide.

  • Innovation and Research: The partnership also envisions investing in research and development in manganese processing to optimize the use of manganese in next-generation battery technologies. /p>

  • Technology: The partnership will leverage mining technologies and innovative solutions to ensure efficient operations while minimizing environmental impact.

  • Local Economic Development: The project will stimulate economic growth in the region by creating job opportunities and fostering local skills development.

  • Ethical and Transparent Supply Chain: The venture will maintain full transparency throughout the supply chain, ensuring the responsible sourcing of manganese ore to support the EV battery market’s ethical requirements.

Elcora was founded in 2011 and has been structured to become a vertically integrated battery material company. Elcora can process, refine, and produce battery-related minerals and metals. As part of the vertical integration strategy Elcora has developed a cost-effective process to purify high-quality battery metals and minerals that are commercially scalable.

Mincape Resources Inc. is a mining engineering office coupled with a laboratory that offers a full range of integrated services for the mining industry. Mincape is involved in the entire mining value chain, including mineral exploration, mining, and processing.


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