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ChargePoint, a leading provider of networked solutions for charging electric vehicles (EVs), is now rolling out NACS connector support for its AC and DC charging solutions, with much of the lineup to be delivered over the coming month. Cable conversion kits for existing DC fast chargers will be delivered to customers in November, offering Tesla drivers a public fast charging alternative for the first time.

With more than 35 million historical ChargePoint sessions initiated by Tesla vehicles, we saw the need to offer native connector solutions for this large portion of the EV market. Our support for both installed and new products opens up ChargePoint’s DC chargers to millions of drivers who have not yet had a fast charging alternative to the Tesla ecosystem, and makes their AC charging experience more convenient.

—Pasquale Romano, CEO of ChargePoint

For those preparing to purchase a NACS-equipped vehicle, cables for ChargePoint’s popular Home Flex ship this month for installation in residential homes and garages.

With many car manufacturers recently adopting the NACS standard for upcoming models, ChargePoint now offers every necessary cable solution to charge an EV in North America and Europe.


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