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New Mercedes-AMG GLE 53 plug-in hybrid

With the new Mercedes-AMG GLE 53 HYBRID, available as an SUV or Coupe, the performance and sports car brand is expanding its model portfolio with a new plug-in hybrid featuring a high level of practicality and electric range for everyday use.

With the GLE 53 HYBRID as an SUV and coupe, we offer a unique combination of agility, driving pleasure and purely electric range. In addition to our high-performance-oriented E PERFORMANCE hybrid vehicles, these two GLE innovations form an additional pillar in our future-oriented portfolio. This means we are expanding our broad model range to include another attractive drivetrain variant and are addressing new target groups.

—Michael Schiebe, Chairman of the Management Board of Mercedes-AMG GmbH and Head of Business Units Mercedes-Benz G-Class & Mercedes-Maybach

The Mercedes-AMG GLE 53 plug-in hybrid features the AMG-enhanced 3.0-liter inline six-cylinder engine, which is specially tuned for use in the GLE 53 HYBRID. Updated software and an additional heat exchanger contribute to the engine’s 443 hp output—a 14 hp increase. The hybrid system’s electric motor provides electric boost for a particularly spontaneous response, eliminating the need for an electric auxiliary compressor.


2026 Mercedes-AMG GLE 53 HYBRID Coupe (European model shown)

The AMG-enhanced engine is combined with a 134 hp electric motor, 31.2 kWh capacity battery and AMG Performance 4MATIC+ fully variable all-wheel drive. The high power density of the hybrid power unit is achieved by the permanently excited internal rotor synchronous technology. The 354 lb-ft of torque from the electric motor is available nearly instantly and ensures high agility even when accelerating from a standstill.

The peak system total output of 536 hp and 553 lb-ft of torque enable acceleration from 0 to 60 mph in 4.6 seconds; speed is electronically limited to 155 mph. All-electric driving at speeds up to 87 mph is also possible under certain conditions.


The AMG RIDE CONTROL+ air suspension with adaptive damping was specially developed for the GLE 53 HYBRID with new hardware and software. It offers a balanced combination of adequate acoustic damping for purely electric driving in combination with the sporty character typical of AMG vehicles.

In addition to new passive stabilizers on the front and rear axles, the hybrid model is equipped with new stop buffers in the front struts and completely new dampers on the rear axle. The software has also been completely reprogrammed. The tuning of the chassis, ESP, AMG Performance 4MATIC+ fully variable all-wheel drive and steering is tailored to the GLE 53 HYBRID to deliver a balanced, dynamic and confident driving experience.


The AMG DYNAMIC SELECT drive programs are precisely calibrated to the plug-in hybrid powertrain and adjust important parameters including, the response of the drive and transmission, steering characteristics, chassis damping and sound. By default, the GLE 53 HYBRID starts silently in the “Electric” drive program when the electric motor is switched on. The “Ready” icon in the instrument cluster indicates the vehicle is ready to drive.

In addition to the familiar drive programs (“Comfort,” “Sport,” Sport+,” “Slippery” and “Individual”) there are two hybrid-specific drive programs in the new GLE 53 HYBRID. With the “Electric” drive program, all-electric driving takes place from a standstill up to 87 mph. If the battery runs down or the driver requests more power, the combustion engine starts up and briefly takes over the drive power.

In the “Battery Hold” program, the combustion engine and electric motor run as the situation demands with a maximum boost of approximately 25 percent, as in the “Comfort” drive program. The key difference is the operating strategy keeps the battery state of charge constant. For example, if the battery is at 75 percent charge, it remains in this range in “Battery Hold.” Use of the electric motor is then limited and optimized for low energy consumption, which is compensated by recuperation. Drivers can decide when to make full use of the battery charge again simply by changing the drive program.

When driving on all-electric power, the Acoustic Vehicle Altering System informs others the performance hybrid is approaching. A specially composed, low-frequency and speed-modulated AMG sound is emitted to the outside via a speaker at the front and a soundbar with two speakers at the rear. The sound can also be heard at a subdued level in the interior as acoustic feedback for passengers.


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