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24M will introduce the 24M Electrode-to-Pack (ETOP) system at the Japan Mobility Show. 24M ETOP is a streamlined battery pack system that features electrodes packaged directly into the battery pack, removing the need for individual cells and modules.


Cell manufacturers, automotive OEMs and ESS integrators conventionally build battery packs and modules from individual cells. However, current lithium-ion battery cells have a large fraction of inactive, non-charge-carrying materials—supporting metals and plastics—within a cell’s casing. These inactive materials reduce module and energy density and add unnecessary expense and waste.

Enabled by the 24M Unit Cell design, the 24M ETOP technology eliminates unnecessary cell materials within the battery pack and allows manufacturers to achieve the highest energy density available at the pack level while cutting costs.

24M ETOP will be a game-changer for electric mobility and energy storage systems because it delivers unmatched energy density. This innovative new battery technology is enabled by our Unit Cell technology and is reflective of what’s yet to come from 24M. We are moving beyond our core technology—the 24M SemiSolid manufacturing platform—into a company with a revolutionary technology set that will deliver truly transformative solutions for a better energy future.

—Naoki Ota, 24M President and CEO

In addition to enabling the highest available energy density at the pack level, the 24M ETOP system delivers improvements in other key areas.

  • Performance: Achieve electrode (not cell) packing efficiencies of over 70%, the highest pack-level volume utilization efficiency available.

  • Cost: In addition to its streamlined process and decreased materials usage, it enables unit electrodes to be connected in a combination of series and parallel — an industry first. By eliminating additional connection components, it also further reduces the overall pack cost.

  • Range and Cycle Life: Higher packing efficiencies and energy density provide benefits for both EV and ESS applications, boosting range and capacity.

  • Safety: The 24M SemiSolid Electrode and Unit Cell technology continues to provide unmatched safety when subjected to mechanical abuse.

  • Pack Design Flexibility: The 24M Unit Cell can be connected in series, parallel and a combination of series and parallel directly within a pack, enabling configurations that are no longer bound or limited by individual cell voltage (V) and capacity (Ah).

Since its founding in 2010, 24M has raised approximately $400 million in private capital from strategic and financial investors, including Volkswagen, FREYR, Kyocera, Itochu, GPSC and Fujifilm.

In 2019, 24M partner Kyocera began commercial production and sales of its Enerezza home energy storage product using the 24M SemiSolid and Unit Cell technology. 24M holds more than 200 patents, including those for the 24M SemiSolid Electrode, Unit Cell technology, pre-lithiation, battery modules and recycling.


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