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ExxonMobil licenses fluid bed Methanol-to-Gasoline technology to Aramco for synthetic fuel demonstration plant in NEOM, Saudi Arabia

ExxonMobil Catalysts and Licensing LLC (EMCL) has licensed its advanced fluid bed Methanol-to-Gasoline (MTG) technology to Aramco for a demonstration-scale unit to be located in NEOM’s Hydrogen Innovation and Development Center.

Aramco plans to use the ExxonMobil technology to convert renewable methanol into renewable synthetic gasoline. Renewable synthetic gasoline has the potential to reduce transportation greenhouse gas emissions.


ExxonMobil’s fluid bed MTG design offers advantages related to capital expenditures, operating costs, operational reliability and production quality versus a fixed bed process.

Commissioning of the licensed MTG unit is expected in 2025. The unit is planned to utilize methanol feedstock derived from green hydrogen and CO2 to produce a synthetic, high-octane, drop-in blend stock for potential use on/off road and in racing applications.


ExxonMobil scientists developed the MTG chemistry in the 1970s.


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