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Renault to invest €3B to launch 8 new models outside Europe by 2027

Renault will invest €3 billion to launch eight new models outside Europe, including five vehicles from the C and D-segments to position the brand in the segments creating most value by 2027. Outside Europe, Renaults aims to sell one vehicle out of three in electric or hybrid versions by 2027.

This product offensive will be achieved with two platforms:

  • A new Renault Group modular platform which is ultra-flexible and multi-energy dedicated to four different regions: Latin America, North Africa, Türkiye and India. It embeds an adjustable and flexible architecture which allows for a large diversity: vehicle length between 4 and 5 meters; 4 wheelbase options from 2.6 to 3 meters; rear units with 3 lengths; and multiple energy sources and new powertrains, aiming at more efficiency regarding consumption and CO2 emissions: ICE, flex fuel (E100), LPG, mild hybrid advanced (48V) and full hybrid, for front-wheel and four-wheel drives.

    Examples from the new platform include Kardian, a B-segment compact SUV and Niagara Concept, a pick-up powered by a new E-Tech hybrid 4WD technology.


    Renault Karidan

  • A Compact Modular Architecture (CMA) platform based on a partnership that Renault Group and Geely Holding Group signed in 2022. The platform will be used for high-end D and E- segment models, with two and four-wheel drives, and available in most cases with hybrid powertrains. These vehicles will be designed by the engineering center located in Seoul and built at the plant in Busan. The first Renault Korea Motors vehicle developed on this platform will be presented in the coming years.


Niagara Concept

Niagara Concept is an optimized off-road performance 4WD model, with a mild hybrid advanced (48V) powerplant at the front and an additional electric motor at the rear. It can handle half of everyday drives in full-electric mode. Renault Niagara Concept heralds the next international models that Renault will launch by 2027.

The Renault brand aims at doubling the net revenue per unit sold outside Europe by 2027, compared with 2019.


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