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USDOT opens $40M grant opportunity for V2X technologies

The US Department of Transportation’s Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) is now accepting applications under the $40 million Saving Lives with Connectivity: Accelerating V2X Deployment grant opportunity (693JJ324NF00003) to advance connected and interoperable vehicle technologies.

The initiative is focused on road safety, mobility, and efficiency through technology that enables vehicles and wireless devices to communicate with each other and with roadside infrastructure and provide warnings. V2X can contribute to the Safe System Approach adopted by the USDOT’s National Roadway Safety Strategy, a comprehensive approach launched in January 2022 to address the crisis of roadway deaths.

The grant opportunity will promote the deployment of V2X technologies with the goal of advancing the full lifesaving potential of V2X communication, while ensuring connected technologies communicate securely and without harmful interference across a variety of devices and platforms.

Safe and effective interoperable V2X connectivity can include multiple wireless technologies, including mobile, in-vehicle and roadside devices that can communicate and operate with each other, such as warnings and alerts related to intersections, red lights, curve speeds and roadway departures.

The USDOT is also announcing its intent to share in the coming weeks a draft V2X Deployment Plan for public comment in order to capture feedback from stakeholders toward a collective plan for the deployment of interoperable connectivity. Stakeholders will continue to provide input on the draft toward completion in early 2024.

Multiple technological, economic, and policy strategies may be considered charting a path towards nationwide interoperable connectivity. The goal of this funding opportunity is to assess the risks, overcome challenges, and mitigate key uncertainties to facilitate initial deployments that put the United States on the path to reach the overarching goal of national interoperable connectivity.



Finally maybe the V2X super power ADAS sensor tech will be adopted!
FSD and robo taxis will be much easier and safer and the "Saving Lives with Connectivity: Accelerating V2X Deployment grant" branding is very honest and smart. I hope Tesla, Openpilot and competitors help accelerate this and standardize to consumers benefit.
This is also a great enabler of emissions reductions with eventually having much better traffic management.

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