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MAHLE establishes Global Bio-Mobility Center in Brazil; combustion engines with renewable biofuels

To support development and global roll out of environmentally friendly combustion engines with renewable biofuels, MAHLE has established a Global Bio-Mobility Center in Jundiaí, Brazil.

Just recently, key members of the G20 including Brazil, the United States, India, and European countries like Italy have established a Global Biofuels Alliance to accelerate decarbonization of the transportation sector. The initiative targets stronger biofuels admixture in regular fuels and broader use of pure biofuels like ethanol or biodiesel.

The future of mobility is battery-electric or hybrid. This is particularly true for Europe, North America, and China. But clean and efficient combustion engines and hydrogen drives are also part of the drive mix of the future. This is because developments will vary greatly depending on the region of the world. This applies equally to passenger cars and trucks. In emerging markets in particular, the market for vehicles with internal combustion engines is expected to continue to grow, for example in India or South America. Here, sustainable fuels, such as e-fuels or biofuels, will rapidly contribute to the decarbonization of road transport.

MAHLE promotes the use of biofuels alongside electric vehicles and hydrogen-based fuels for faster decarbonization.

If we want to stop increase of atmospheric CO2 concentration, we need solutions for all markets and applications. Biofuels like ethanol have a track record of successful market introduction. For a climate neutral mobility, we need drastically bigger contributions from biofuels.

—MAHLE’s CEO Arnd Franz.

In close collaboration with its Tech Centers in Farmington Hills (USA) and Pune (India), MAHLE experts from the Global Bio-Mobility Center in Jundiaí will bundle application engineering knowhow from more of two decades of ethanol and biodiesel engine development.

Ethanol and other biofuels have proven their efficiency, practicability and competitiveness. With more biofuels, we can move faster towards an emission free society, especially in markets with a strong agricultural sector.

—Everton Lopes da Silva, MAHLE’s head of engineering in Brazil

The MAHLE Tech Center in Jundiaí is one of the largest engine development centers in South America with dedicated resources for internal combustion engine development, which includes testing with sustainable fuels. Digitalization is also part of this tech center, using virtual simulation to optimize the efficient and green engine of the future.


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