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Toyota Industries develops new 50kW-class fuel cell module

Toyota Industries Corporation has developed a fuel cell module (FC module) with an output of 50kW, which is a packaged fuel cell (FC) system. The newly developed 50kW-class FC module can be installed in lift trucks, agricultural machinery, construction equipment, among others.


Toyota Indstries will continue to expand its lineup of FC modules and help promote of hydrogen utilization in a wide variety of applications.

The research and development of the 50kW-class FC module is being conducted under the “Collaborative Industry-Academia-Government R&D Project for Solving Common Challenges Toward Dramatically Expanded Use of Fuel Cells and Related Equipment,” a project subsidized by the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO).

Toyota Industries has been enhancing its FC technology by launching Japan’s first FC lift truck in 2016 to promote the use of hydrogen. In 2021, with the aim of further promoting hydrogen utilization, Toyota Industries announced the development of an 8kW-class FC module that packages components related to power generation for FC systems for lift trucks. The compact size was achieved through an optimal design that leverages Toyota Industries’ strengths in in-house production of key components such as air compressors and hydrogen circulation pumps.

Toyota Industries is currently conducting demonstration experiments for application to power generators and other components.

8kW-class FC Module50kW-class FC Module
BodyDimensions (mm) 542L × 610W × 440H 925L × 630W × 837H
Weight (kg) 113 360
PerformanceRated output (kW) 8 50
Rated voltage (VDC) 48 300 - 400
Rated current (A) 170 145

The newly developed 50kW class is based on the 8kW class, but the output has been increased by increasing the fuel cells. With the development of hydrogen stations and distribution networks, there is a growing need for higher output devices to be powered by FC. The 50kW class is envisioned for use in devices such as lift trucks, agricultural machinery, construction machinery, and emergency power sources for factories.



Marinised versions of these would be dead handy for light shipping, and way better than diesel.


This is inneficient because it is very costly, needing new vehicles and new infrastructure.

Please make carbon-neutral cheap gasoline with the hydrogen and put that for sale in existing stations, no need for subsidies that ruin goverment. Im already ready to buy and by the way we can cut subsidies to batteries cars.

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