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Adamas Intelligence sees European EV market share of Chinese OEMs reaching upwards of 50% by next year

Through the first two months of Q3 2023, Chinese OEMs made up a record 37% of the nation’s EV exports to Europe (by GWh deployed), up from 22% in Q1 of this year, 8% in Q1 of last year, and just 6% in Q1 2021, according to data from Adamas Intelligence.

From January 2021 to present, an average of 16% of the battery capacity deployed onto European roads each month came from China-made EVs and packs.

While this proportion remains moderately stable in 2023, the share of Chinese OEMs in these exports is rising steadily.


With Tesla manufacturing more and more EVs in Germany for the European market, Adamas expects that non-Chinese OEMs exporting EVs from China to Europe will continue to cede market share.

Consequently, we foresee the share of Chinese OEMs reaching upwards of 50% by early next year.

—Adamas Intelligence


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