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Last year, Toyota unveiled the all-new Crown with four model types: sedan, sport, wagon and crossover. (Earlier post.) The first model out of the lineup was the crossover type. Now, Toyota has unveiled its all-new Crown Sedan model in Japan and will begin accepting orders. The launch is planned for November 13.


The Sedan is being release with a hybrid electric version (HEV) and a fuel cell electric vehicle version (FCEV.)

2.5-liter Multi-Stage Hybrid System. The Crown Sedan is the first Toyota vehicle equipped with a newly developed 2.5-liter multi-stage hybrid system. The engine and two motors, combined with stepped gears, achieve a driving torque that supports acceleration from all speed ranges.

In this system, maximum engine output is available from around 43 kilometers per hour compared to 140 kilometers per hour with existing systems.


2.5-liter Multi-Stage Hybrid System

Engine revs stay low at high speeds, enabling quiet operation with low fuel consumption. While downsizing engine displacement, both powerful dynamic performance and fuel efficiency are achieved.

FCEV system. The same high-performance fuel-cell system as the Mirai is used. Equipped with three high-pressure hydrogen tanks and fuel cells, it is possible to drive around 820 kilometers per three-minute hydrogen refill. Torque surges from the moment the accelerator is pressed, enabling the smooth increase in power expected of an FCEV, while the quietness and riding comfort allowed by an electric motor are also achieved.


FC system


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